My Midnight Heart chosen as supporting act for Tegan and Sara's "Let's Make Things Physical" tour

Angelica is thrilled to be taking her solo project My Midnight Heart on the road with Tegan and Sara this summer! Always a huge fan, she couldn't believe when she got the call to come on the road with the talented and barrier-breaking duo! Angelica will be joining the tour on it's last leg playing incredible venues including New York's Hammerstein Ballroom and Minneapolis's First Avenue where Prince filmed much of Purple Rain. 


Live collaboration with Sky White Tiger

Angélica teamed up with friend, and fellow Darkpop musician Sky White Tiger (Louis Schwardron) for his world tour launch party/performance at The Slipper Room. MMH opened the night with a short, electro-noir set, and then joined SWT onstage later on with some supporting vocals. Check out Sky White Tiger on his website here and take a look at some of the pictures of the evening below shot by David Rasura

"Salome" music video shoot in collaboration with knitwear designers Spencer Vladimir

MMH recently shot a dreamy video throughout New York City in conjunction with fashion brand Spencer Vladimir. Both a full-length music video and a 30 second promo clip will be available soon to watch and share. Stay tuned for more details.

MMH pairs up with music-inspired cosmetic line Ardency Inn

My Midnight Heart recently paired with cosmetic line Ardency Inn to create some signature looks. Ardency Inn is a new line inspired directly by the downtown New York music scene and creates highly pigmented products that are designed to stay put on and offstage. They worked closely for MMH's recent photo shoot with Kevin Condon at Kcon Images. Inspired by Bladerunner and vintage film noir, Ardency Inn selected products to give Angélica a sleek "Electro-Noir" look. Products used include:

-"Lovecat" lipstick

-"Black is Blue" lipstick

-"Punker" mascara 

-Natural Lip Color Pencil in "Americana"

-Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in "Black"

Ardency Inn is sold at Sephora and Urban Outfitters. For more information check out their website at:




5xF Playlist curated by MMH for All Saints

MMH got the opportunity to curate a playlist for motorcycle chic fashion brand All Saints. Check out the playlist here and her thoughts on each artist and her song choices below.

Featuring: Bjork, Sampha, Kelela, Arca, and Ramona Lisa


I think this is an amazing and incredibly underrated record. We already all know Caroline is an incredibly talented, unique,and beautiful human being, etc. etc. but this record is really just her writing music alone on a tour bus and in airports with zero inhibitions and expectations. I feel like that’s a side of her we hadn’t seen before. Plus, the music is dope. Like walking around in someone else’s dream. Extremely specific as far as the lyrics and sonic palate, but strangely relatable. It has a dark, ethereal “Alice in Wonderland” mood about it. It’s bizarrely beautiful in its experimentation and completely original in its sound. It’s one of those records that sounds throwback because it’s so lo-fi, but will continue to sound “modern” and “new” for years after this because of those very same reasons. Basically I just want to say that I. Love. This. Record.

I can’t write about music without writing about Bjork. I still remember when I heard “Hidden Place” for the first time when I was 14 and I was just like “WHHHHAAAAAAT?!” I had never heard anything like what she was creating. I was huge into Fiona Apple, and Tori Amos then, who I still love and appreciate, but Bjork wasn’t just writing songs, she was building these universes with her voice, poetry, and well-curated synthetic and organic sounds. I heard that choir, those strings, these pulsing synth beats, and her voice—gawd—that voice, and it literally changed my life. I’ve never been able to think about music in the same way again. Every time I write a new song, I think about Bjork and that moment. I owe so much to her and her vision.

I love Kelela because she curates her collaborations really, really well. She works with all these different producers and still maintains her “sound”. It’s really difficult to keep that up when you’re songs pass through so many hands... Producers, engineers, etc. She writes really simple lyrics that become multi-faceted through her vocal phrasing and tone. Every time she sings a line, she sings it completely as herself. Its unmistakably Kelela. I love that. You have to be super secure in who you are as an artist to do that. Also, the chords in the song have a Robert Glasper quality to them and that is always only a good thing.

ARCA x &&&&&
I don’t know if this really is following the 5 song theme for this post but, I just had to include it—“mix” or not. “&&&&&” makes me feel feelings I wasn’t even sure I had and can’t catalogue yet. I feel like I’m a superhero driving a flying car through slow motion explosions in the future when I listen to this music. WTF is that even called?? Arca has the power to build sonic worlds with his music. It’s transformative. It transports you to whatever world he’s writing about. To me that’s what music is all about. Taking people you’ve never met and successfully being able to place them inside something they’ve never seen or heard before. To me that’s success. That’s when you’ve “made it”.

I want to be friends with Sampha. No one else is writing songs and producing their tracks in as honest a way as he is. His lyrics are deeply thoughtful, introspective, and just—raw. Like he writes music just because he loves writing music. That shouldn’t be a mind-blowing thing, but it is at the moment. There aren’t many out there who are doing that right now. Most of us can’t even help it honestly. Wanting to release music for public consumption is a loaded desire. So much gets attached to it. It’s hard to do it just to do it. Just because you love it. Sampha writes music that helps me remember why I love writing music. It’s pure, it’s deeply personal, it’s just—beautiful. I remember hearing this song and like, crying. I felt like he was talking directly to me—I know how cliche that sounds. As you listen to him sing the chorus, it becomes a sort of mantra. “Let it all work out” starts to feel like he’s actually saying “It will all work it” for some reason. I think it’s an infinitely hopeful song. Like he wrote it as a pep talk to himself. He's working through his emotions and experiences on paper. In front of us all. You can’t fake that.

Live performance shot with "The Closed Sessions"

MMH recently got the opportunity to perform her breakout single "Chest of Hearts" as part of a live video series with New York based "The Closed Sessions". "The Closed Sessions" is the brainchild of Brooklyn visual artist Kevin Condon and highlights artists showcasing their work in an intimate, late-night setting. Angélica performed a solo, electronic set using loops, samples, and her Alesis Micron synthesizer. Watch the trailer below and stay tuned for the full-length performance coming soon. 

MMH aligns with All Saints for Bowery Ballroom performance

Angélica recently got the opportunity to partner with the motorcycle chic fashion line All Saints for her live performance at Bowery Ballroom open for the Nu-Disco ensemble Escort. Full look included the following pieces:

- Larns Sleeveless Parka

- Lindsell Leather Biker Pant

- Faxter Tank

-shoes by Converse

to shop the look Check out

All Bowery Ballroom photos by jose miranda at pelenguino